Monday, May 15, 2017

Sketchy Behavior, Part 9

The digression I had with Akvis Sketch and Daz Studio was fun, but so far I haven't gotten the solid results from it that I've achieved with Poser 11 and its Live Comic Book Preview mode. I think its more than familiarity – it's just that, with the proper set-up, it's easy to get consistent good results.

This title illustration that I created for a short story in the Collectors' Club Newsletter #120 is an example of something that didn't really take me that long to do, but came out as a very solid piece of work.

The figure is actually the same one I used for the Lance Worthington illustration last year (and if you compare them, it's obvious). But, since it's unlikely that the two characters will ever appear in the same issue of the CCN (or elsewhere), I don't mind repurposing my work in this way. If you do compare the two images, notice that Lance is more buff than Truman. I actually filled in the muscles apparent in Lance's jacked so that this guy, who is a little more modern and less "pulpy," wouldn't have quite the super-heroic build that Lance has.

Also, in case you're curious, this is the story for which the Bobby E. studying character sketch was created. That's another reason I wanted to use my "sketchy" style for this illustration. Here's a close-up of Truman, so you can make out more detail.

Next time, another story title with a noir feel!

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