Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just got some cool news!

I just got a cool recognition for my work. I had been working on a 3D image as a lighting test (there are new lighting techniques required for the new iray render engine for DazStudio) and -- at the last minute -- I decided to enter the monthly contest they sponsor in the user forums.

I did put a bit of work into the image, and I thought it had some cool features in it (nice composition and a bit of whimsy), but there were a few other really kick-ass submissions. Nevertheless, I got my work done just hours before the deadline and entered the final submission for August 2015.

Yesterday I got the cool news that I took the third-place prize!

Not bad for something that started off as a bit of a lark.

The prizes were donated by a merchant name Khory, and I was allowed to select a single item from his catalog. I decided to select this cool set of Leather Shaders for use with the iray renderer  (a shader is a generic set of color and textures that can be applied to existing models -- it's like having the exact same shoe in different colors and finishes).

Where's the picture?

You're probably wondering where the prize-winning illustration is. Alas, I cannot show it to you at this time. You see, after I finished it (but before it won), I sent it over to the editor/president of the Collectors' Club as a possible cover submission. He liked it, so we're going to keep it under wraps until it is actually published, either late this year or early next.

I'll post it then.

For the meantime, I just wanted to share the cool news.