Thursday, November 18, 2010

Computers: Taming the octopus

There is a significant gap of space between my desk and the table that holds my four printers (yes, I actually use three of them on a regular basis, and keep the fourth for printing CD/DVD labels). Also, the cable TV connections are on that wall, so needless to say, i have a big mess of cables in the corner of the room.

Today I actually decided to at least tuck them along the baseboards (not tack them there, just shove them over). I was a little surprised to find that I had five unnecessary cables in all that mess: Network, phone, USB, an unused power cord, etc.

I'm amazed now that there's actually carpet under all that mess! It's still not clean, but at least it's tidy.

I feel empowered now to tackle the comic books and magazines that have exploded all through my guest room (I've been unpacking, sorting, and rearranging in there and ran out of steam about halfway through the project).

I'm also going to finally address my networking and printer sharing issues.