Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sketchy Behavior, Part 10

This illustration actually dates back to September of 2016, and it was created for a detective story I wrote which appeared in the Collectors' Club Newsletter #118. I had a lot of fun writing a traditional whodunit mystery, with all the clues provided to the readers. The story is actually part of a larger story arc, and I'll collect it with the Moon Wolf material some time in the future.

As with the other work in this style, I worked with Victoria 4 with Poser 11's Live Comic Book Preview and did my finishing in Photoshop. I started using Manga Studio 5 EX, but I find working with type is just easier in Photoshop.

My technique on this one was a little different, in that I didn't use a tone or the sketch effect – this time out I just relied on the color to provide accent. Part of the reason for this was that I was worried about reducing the tone (that tends to make it muddy and look bad), and I didn't like the way it was playing across her face. When dealing with a classy dame like this one, you wanna keep the lines clean and simple. All in all, I kinda like the way this one came out (and thanks to my friends over at the Daz3D forums for their help; I actually created multiple versions of this before selecting this one).

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