Friday, July 25, 2014

Galaxy Prime Art 10: Desert World

This is the only two-page illustration I created for the Galaxy Prime RPG. It appears in the Timeline chapter, which explains the history of the GP Universe. To be honest, it has little to do with the material in the chapter, but the chapter came up really short and I needed a BIG filler.

GP, pgs. 134-135:  “The Skenn homeworld in the Tratt system is one of the
harshest environments to be inhabited by any intelligent species. To the casual
observer, it would appear that this is a backward society... but it is actually quite
sophisticated, even though they are not a space-faring civilization, they are ready
(and able) to defend their home at the slightest provocation.”
 -- From Rollo’s Tourists Guide to the Galaxy

So, I found a funky "alien" adobe style buildings and came up with this idea. I originally didn't have the space ships in it, but that side of the illustration just looked so danged empty that I finally decided that I had to do something. So, I popped open the file for the Sector Marshals (pg. 183), took three of the ships and changed the angle and lighting, and then added them to this illustration. The shadows were done entirely in postwork (i.e. in Photoshop). And, looking at them now, i can't get past the fact that I did them so poorly. The buildings have harsh shadows but the ships have soft shadows. I should have compromised between the two and made them the same. Oh well... that's what happens when the editor is also the artist -- stuff like this slips through the cracks.

A close-up of a Skenn settlement.

I don't remember where the background came from. It's either some kind of highly manipulated stock photo, or I drew it from hand. I just don't remember.

BY THE WAY: In case you were wondering, I actually wrote all the captions for these images, including the one above. Most of the time I just wrote the caption and James liked it. This one, however, James took a lot of interest in and helped me fine-tune the details about the Skenn society (for example, the fact that they are not space-faring).

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