Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Renderosity: I was selected the #6 Favorite Artist of the Week!

This was a pleasant surprise! once more, my work has been recognizes by my peers in the 3D Digital Art Community at Renderosity.com.

As before, there's no prize for this, but it's still quite an honor to be selected out of more than 75,000 artists. Out of these, there are probably 3,500 actively posting within a single week, and of those, about 800+ produce work that is popular enough to be considered. So, #6 out of about 800 or more? Yeah, I'm pretty flattered right now.

Here's what the Website says about the selection process:

Favorite Artists
Renderosity's Favorite Artists are displayed here after careful calculation of the statistics artists have accumulated in the last week. The base statistic being the number of members who have added a particular artist to their favorites in the last week, also taken into account are the number of images each artist has uploaded in the last week and the number of comments that have been posted on those images, to distinguish the more visited of two artists with the same number of favorites. The featured thumbnails taken for each artist represent the most popular image to-date that each artist has uploaded, as according to views, comments and favorites.
-- from the bottom of the Art Charts page

I decided to preserve the entire list of the Top 20 Favorite Artists from this week by taking a large screenshot of the entire page. You'll obviously need to click on it to read the names on the list.

By the way, if you have a long memory, this happened before in Sept. 2013. That time I was selected the #16 Favorite Artist of the Week. This time I've actually moved up 10 slots!  There's more info about Renderosity and its membership size in that blog: http://mikemitchellonline.blogspot.com/2013/09/i-hit-renderosity-top-20-this-week.html.

Blasts from the Past
Since I've been posting all of my recent artwork here and at the Hawgleg Publishing blog, I'm not going to repeat it all here. Instead, I thought I'd show a few of the really old pieces in my gallery, including "my most popular image," which is the one they used for my thumbnail on the list.

I Left My Heart At Crystal Beach
Sept 1, 2004

Although I still like this image, and enjoyed discussing it with people at the time, it's really not representative of the type of work I do any more. This was created in Vue d'Esprit, which is a very powerful landscape creation program. It does amazing things with water, air, sky, and textures like glass and metal. Back then, I was just playing around with the software, creating whatever image I fancied at the time. These days, I must admit I'm more focused on art for publication online and in print. Here's another image from that same time period -- sort of my "glass & chrome" period, if you will:

Sun and Shadow, Light and Love
Aug. 25, 2004
For me, at this time, the image was all about the reflections and the colors cast by the glass. Again, I like this, but it's not really what I'm into now. If anyone's interested, I may post a few more of these "oldies but goodies" later in the year, after I finish the Galaxy Prime postings, and the series I've got planned for after that.

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