Friday, July 11, 2014

CCN: Superhero Cover 2

Two weeks ago I showed you my first efforts in using Manga Studio 4 EX to digitally ink a character I had created and rendered in a 3D program called Daz Studio 4.6 Pro. I spent so much time explaining the project to you that I never really commented on the work I did.

To be blunt, it was a good first start, but there are a lot of errors and technical problems that I'll need to address. For instance, the line weights are very inconsistent (note the thickness at the bottom of the legs and the thinness around the head). Not to mention my sloppy work defining his abs.

Nevertheless, I decided this was a decent start, so I sent it to the CCN editor so he could use it as a simple interior illustration, either in the fanzine or our Facebook group. I decided to go really retro with the b&w version, using a large halftone pattern and some digital noise inside the cape. I also decided to create this funky "past into future" faded version of the image, showing him transition from b&w to modern color.

It's a fun technique, and I think it does an even better job of showcasing the inking issues I have with this image. But... in spite of all the things I see wrong with it, it's still good enough for a comics fanzine. This has a nice retro vibe and I can dig it!

BTW: Wish me luck on finishing the cover. It's due July 16. In order to keep it under wraps from the members, I won't be posting a full version of it until after the fanzine is published and mailed. So, look for it sometime in August.

See you next Friday as we return to the reaches of space and visit a desert planet being pestered by space ships and a hint of war. And no, Luke Skywalker does not make an appearance! See ya then!

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