Friday, August 1, 2014

Galaxy Prime Art 11: The Lone Liyek

Hmmm. Two weeks ago, on the Fourth of July, I skipped a week of Galaxy Prime artwork. I'm feeling kind of generous right now, so this week I'll treat you to two space ships that appeared in the Sample Adventure Module that appears in the book. The adventure is about a crew (that would be you guys) who arrive at an "abandoned" space station... and find there's a mystery to solve.

GP, pg. 210. Responding to a distress call, this is the ship you arrived in,
only to find the space station empty... or is it?

You'll probably recognize this ship from the space station illustration a few weeks back. This one has a lot more detail than was visible in that image (and if you click on the picture, you can even make out the door opening mechanisms on the side doors).
GP, pg. 211. If the station is abandoned, then whose ship is this?
I like the roughness of the lines on this one, particularly in context with the story of this adventure. I also used the fisheye lens effect that I described in a previous post. This sort of thing might seem like an odd choice,but it helps give the ship a sense of dynamic proportion that keeps it from looking overly flat or mechanical. Plus, if forced foreshortening worked so well for Jack Kirby, then who am I to say nay?

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