Monday, March 27, 2017

Poser: Fitting Clothes to a Heavily Morphed Figure

I did not write this, but it's important to remember, so I'm copying this from the Renderosity Forum so I can find it easily. This was originally written by 3dcheapskate.

Select the figure you're trying to conform to, do Figure > Spawn Full Body Morph..., and give the morph a name starting with an exclamation mark (e.g. "!MyFBM"). A new morph will be added to the figure's set to zero. Don't touch it.

Load the clothing item and conform it, then do Figure > Copy Morphs From..., and select ONLY the FBM you just spawned (starting the name with an ! means it appears at the top of the list - that just makes it easy to find)

Dial the newly added "!MyFBM" morph on the BODY actor of the clothing to 1.0, and it should fit much better. Note: If the clothing has already picked up some super-conforming morphs from the figure you may have to dial those back to zero.

More details on the "Tips/Tricks/Tools for getting the best fit of clothes to the body - Suggestions and help with general ways of getting the best fit of clothing items to the bodies" thread over in CGbytes Poser forum, post #20 onwards - here's a link to post #21 of that thread

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  1. Good thing I posted this. I actually had to use it this week.