Friday, May 23, 2014

Galaxy Prime Art 4: The Getaway

This week's image from the Galaxy Prime RPG was, if I recall correctly, one of the early images in the series. As such, it's a bit smoother and cleaner than the later images. The more I created, the more I realized that I wanted them to feel "old school," as though they had been copied out of an old pulp magazine, like Amazing Stories or The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (the latter a favorite of mine, growing up).

GP, pg. 82, "When setting explosives on a timer, always make sure
you leave enough time for your getaway.

Like last week's image, this one is at the bottom of the page and the ship looks like it's about to fly off the bottom of the page.

By the way, if you're interested in this level of detail, this is a 3D model I purchased a few years ago, and you can see more about it here at the Daz3d Web site:  The original model was created by an artist named Kibarreto, who did an excellent job with this vehicle. Check it out at their site, and you can even see the cool details inside the cabin and on the undercarriage.

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