Friday, May 9, 2014

Galaxy Prime Art 2: Icarus

As promised last week, here's another sample of art from the Galaxy Prime Role Playing Game by Epic Age Media. Like the work in this series, this is actually created and rendered in a 3D program called Strata Design 3D. I've been using this program for a very long time (it's currently on version 7.5 and I started waaaay back in version 3 -- probably around 1999-2000).

From GP, pg 125: "The L'Kri are known for their fast ships that
utilize powerful Q*Drives to traverse the vast distances between systems."
This particular ship design is called the Icarus, named after the doomed young man who flew too close to the sun in Greek mythology. The L'kri, by the way, are on of my favorite races from this cool game. I've got to hand it to game creator James Shade... he really came up with some super cool aliens for this game.

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