Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comics: Found another box of comics

I found another stash of comics today. I was moving some boxes of books and found that one of them was marked "Comics & SF Digests." I cracked it open and found 51 comics digests inside... and none of them are under 15 years old -- and many were more than twice that age.

That's how long they were in storage.

This was a very pleasant surprise, as I thought I'd already found all of them. Plus, there were some cool issues, including Laugh #1, several early issues of Betty and Veronica, plus Pals 'n; Gals #4, 5 & 10.

My latest unearthed stash of comics digests.

One thing I've always liked about comics digests is the sheer quantity of pages you get in a single issue. The older digests had 256 pages. With this many issues, there's easily 10,000 pages of comics that I unearthed tonight. It would take weeks to read it all at a normal rate.

And some of this does bear re-reading. I particularly like the Jonah Hex and other Western Tales digest. This issue has some classic adventures in it, like the "Point Pyrrhus Massacre" and the "Point Pyrrhus Aftermath," which is probably my favorite Jonah Hex story of all time.

In addition the the Jonah Hex book, I also found some of the other DC Comics digests, including Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman Vs. Luthor, Ghosts and Superboy.

I enjoyed these digests from yesteryear, and have long thought that it would be a good idea for DC and other publishers to bring them back -- and more importantly, get them on the shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores.

A low-priced, mass market book might be able to get kids into the habit of reading comic books. As it is, with comics stuck almost entirely in specialty stores, I don't see much of a future for our great hobby.

See you back here on Friday for more Netflix finds!

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