Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comics: So, you've got 10,000 comic books... now what?

I guess these are the spoils of my youth. Boxes and boxes of four-color adventures ranging from the incredible to the sublime, from the ridiculous to the Pulitzer Prize winning (yup, a comic book has won the Pulitzer Prize... look it up -- that's what google is for, y'know!). All stuffed into about 22 long boxes and 10 short boxes.

If you're not sure what I mean by "long box or shot box," then your life is probably geek-free. Long boxes are about 28-inches long and hold a standard modern comic book: L 27.25 X W 7.5 X H 10.8. I get single boxes from my local comic book shop, Bedrock City Comics in NW Houston. And I buy my bulk boxes from Bags Unlimited. These are the standards for comic storage. The good ones are made of white, acid-free card board and they are have handles cut in them so you can lug them around. Some of the newer ones even have pull-out drawers built in so you don't have to stack/unstack them to get at your stash. These are cool, but I decided it was not worth the expense because I would need to replace older boxes to make them work because I would have to replace a lot of my old boxes that are still perfectly good, even though some of them were purchased before 1984.

Here's a picture of a short box from the Bags Unlimited Web site. What's really cool (to me, anyway) is that even though I didn't take this picture, I actually have all three of the comics they show here. Wonder Woman #300, Action Comics #500, and Marvel Tails #53). I wouldn't call it a nerdgasm, but it's still pretty darn cool to see them in this photo.

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