Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Noir Style Tutorial, Pt. 5 - Process At A Glance

Base Figure Image created in Poser 11, post work in Manga Studio 5,
Background created in Manga Studio 5
Custom legging and skirt textures created in Photoshop
© 2016 Mike Mitchell, Hatta Mari TM 2015 Mike Mitchell
Looking back, I can see that I really haven't put these sections in the proper order. Or, at the very least, I should have included an overview of the workflow when I discussed the required software.

But what's done is done.

At long last, here is a very basic overview of the procedure that I'm calling the Anomaly Process: 
  1. Figure Set-Up (Select & Pose Figure)  [Poser 11]
  2. Turn on Live Comic Book Preview  [Poser 11]
  3. Edit Materials  [Poser 11 & optionally Photoshop]
  4. Set up Lights  [Poser 11]
  5. Adjust Lighting  [Poser 11]
    1. Sidebar: The difference between light types in Poser
  6. Render Settings [Poser 11]
  7. Creating Render Passes  [Poser 11]
  8. Cleaning up Renders  [Photoshop]
  9. Image Clean-Up / Hand-Work / Post Work [Photoshop]
  10. Quick-n-Easy Contour Line [Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint]
  11. Applying a Tone Layer  [Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint]
  12. Applying a Color Wash  [Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint]
  13. BONUS: Applying a Quick Sketch Effect  [Manga Studio / Clip Studio Paint]
  14. Saving Your Final Image
Sounds like a lot, but some of those steps are pretty darned easy, and the first 6 or 7 should be second nature to all Poser users. Some of the techniques in Photoshop and Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint might be considered intermediate.

You should consider this to be 
an Intermediate-Level Tutorial.

Effects can be layered to achieve different looks.

NEXT TIME: Step 1: Figure Set-Up

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